About your Tapestries


True tapestries are woven works of art.

All of our Fine Art Tapestries are woven on jacquard looms and utilize between nine and seventeen miles of thread in each design. The color palates of the warp and weft threads work in concert to achieve a broad range of colors on the face of the tapestry.

Tapestries have texture not found in any other art form. The combination of the thread colors and weaves create a unique art experience that changes with each viewing angle. See for yourself why tapestries have proven their worth for over a thousand years.

All fine art Tapestries and photo throws are woven from cotton jacquard yarn and have the highest image resolution available.  The design is woven into the tapestry, not printed.  Our tapestries and throws are special, each hand finished and inspected for spectacular quality.

 Choose from several different woven wall tapestries and accessories.  Use your favorite photo for a throw or a wall hanging tapestry! Send me several photos and make it a collection! Whether you are looking for something classical or a modern fine art tapestry, we can design something for you. Our fine art tapestries add to the beauty of any room.

Tapestries are a timeless art...

Tapestries have been used as both an art from and a medium for recording historical events. The famous Beaux Tapestry is a historical account of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The tapestry was hand woven and took years to complete. Thousands of tapestries have been commissioned as pure works of art, adorning fine homes through the ages. Tapestries today are created with a mix of past and present art.


Caring for and hanging your work of art. 

Tapestries are meant to be hung from the walls, the manner in which they are hung is a mixture of personal preference and science.

If you have sheetrock walls (sheetrock has a high lime content) do not hang your tapestries directly against the wall. Over time, the lime in the sheetrock will adversely affect your tapestry. Utilize brackets that will keep the tapestry 1-2 inches off the walls.

If you have plaster walls, feel free to hang your tapestry against the wall, or 1-2 inches off the wall.

Do not hang a tapestry in direct sunlight. As with any work of art--oil, paper, etc--direct sunlight will fade the art over time.

Because your tapestry is mounted on a wall, it should not be subject to the same abuse as your carpet and upholstered seating; therefore it should need less frequent maintenance. (Although some have elected to place a tapestry on the floor as some of the designs lend them to this. Others use them as bedcovering or table covers, which is a traditional use.) Vacuuming the front and back of your tapestry once or twice per year, with your vacuum upholstery attachment, should be sufficient maintenance for many years to come. Consider cleaning your tapestries about as often you do your fine window treatments.          

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