Custom Photo Design Tapestries/ Throws!
Here is the easy way to create a beautiful, 100% cotton jacquard woven wall hanging or throw heirloom from your favorite photo or custom design.  Choose from a variety of products!  We'll make your photo into a Throw, Small , Large or a Grande Wallhanging.  The quality and craftsmanship in these woven throws and tapestry keepsakes is unsurpassed. With over eight miles of 100% cotton used in every throw made, you can feel the quality and see the detail and stunning colors!


Ordering your wall hanging or throw is simple. Just follow these 4 steps - and in no time, you'll have your new custom photo throw or fine woven hanging tapestry. If you have questions regarding the process, or if you'd like to learn a little more, please read our tips and suggestions and visit our most asked Q & A page.

 Here are the steps to your own beautiful heirloom...

Step 1.  Go to the tab on the left called 'Custom Tapestries... More!'   Pick your product from the right side column, prices are listed with the product.


Step 2   Pick Your Photo (you can upload it at the same time you pick your product, look for the browse button)

You can use any photo you like - but the better the photo, the better the finished tapestry or photo throw. Here are a few suggestions:

• SIZE:  Any photo will work. We prefer photos larger than 5x7.  For digital photographs, please make sure that they were taken by a 1 megapixel or better camera.

• CONTRAST:  A high contrast photo works the best. A black dog on a black couch in a dark room won't look good. Nor will a white dog in the snow, If the main subject is brightly lit and the background is somewhat dark, the results will be brilliant!  Please avoid dark shadows on the face or subject.

•  FOCUS:  Make sure your subject is sharp. The better the focus, the better the final throw or tapestry will be.

•  COLOR:  We can use black and white or color.

•  COMPOSITION:  Keep it simple. Make sure that your subject occupies 60-80% of the photo. This is not an absoulute necessity, but it will make the finished piece look better.

•  CROPPING:  Creative cropping of your photo will result in a better composition, and ultimately, a better finished piece. If you would like us to crop your photo or enhance it in any way to best show the subject matter, please indicate this when you place your order.  We will send a final proof back to make sure the change is acceptable if you request. We do reserve the right to crop the photo as necessary to fit the proprotions of the finished piece.

Want to personalize your woven custom throw or tapestry with a name or date, or any other text?  There is a place on the order form to give this information. Be sure to attach your digital picture to be personalized.  I will send back a final proof for you to approve and you will have something really special!  Personalization is ONLY available on custom throws, tapestries and pillows.

Getting your Throw or Tapestry...

Step 3   Fill Out the Order Form

  If you are going to send in the order by mail,  be sure to fill out the form in it's entirety. Please be sure to sign the waiver certifying that you own the exclusive rights to your photograph.


Ready to order by mail?   click here and fill out the order form. 


Step 4   Send the Photo and Form

If you are going to send the paper order form, be sure to include your photo or disc, and protect it as necessary for shipping.  A damaged photo may not be usable. You may send payment either online or with the order. Personal checks will take longer to process than a credit card or paypal. If paying online, and sending the photo or disc by mail, please indicate that you are sending the artwork seperately.


Step 5   Recieve Your New Tapestry or Throw!

In the next 6 ro 12 weeks, you'll receive your new heirloom tapestry. IF you do not receive your order within 6 weeks, please contact us and we will track your shipment.

All picture weave products are 100% cotton, and highly durable. The colors won't fade like printed materials, but we do suggest you dry clean the hanging tapestries. The throws may be machine washed on gentile but we reccommend hand wash and tumble dry on low heat. You can expect a lifetime of beauty and vivid colors from your new heirloom tapestry/photo throw. If you are spot cleaning, test the chemical in a small inconspicuous place to make sure it won't harm the material. Mild soap and water is preferred.


Search by Keyword

Search by Keyword

Tapestry Collage

How about a custom design or photo collage!

Want a unique design for your organization or cause, or have several photos you want to use and can't decide? I can make a custom design, I will send a proof for final approval before sending in to be made. You can send up to 5 photos for a tapestry or throw and I will make you a photo collage. Great for family gifts or for your organization fundraiser. Contact me and we can discuss your idea and make it come true!

One time design fee of $30. If several items ordered, fee will cover all products using same the design. 

If you are an organization and would like me to design something special for you, the CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICE will cover the complete design process. Just let me know what product you want, if you have any logo or other image you would like to include you can upload it below. Put your instructions in the comments section.

Custom Design Service

Custom Design Service

This is the design charge for tapestries should you want a collage, or specific design done by me for your tapestries. I don't charge for a simple border. It only applies to art pieces or collages involving more than 2 photos. If you are not sure this applies to your order, email me, send your picture or idea and I will tell you prior to ordering. Photos unless needed extensive retouching will not incur this charge. Also for custom quantity orders over 6 items this will not apply. This charge is associated with tapestries only and is used with your tapestry order. If you are interested in graphic design for any other purpose please contact me with your needs and I will give a quote for the work.